Faraja Children's Home

Faraja Children's Home at Wema (south of Mombasa) is an orphan home run by the Lutheran church in Kenya.


The orphan home was established in a former missionary station, originally built by Norwegian missionaries. The Lutheran church at the coast of Kenya owns and runs the orphan home. All the employees at Faraja Children's Home are Kenyans. The local church of Wema is also located at the site.


Currently 32 orphans are living at Faraja Children's Home. A great part of the children is from Muslim families. A number of adults are living and working in the orphan home and take care of the children. NSP Aid transfers money every month to support the running of the orphan home.


Clean water

The orphan home needs clean water to give the children and the employees a new and better everyday life. NSP wanted to contribute to the solution of this issue. A company was hired to drill for water, but with no result. Then the management of the orphan home decided to solve the problem and buy a pump and a generator and pipes from a well to some big water tanks at the site. The cost was covered by NSP Aid with support from Norwegian donators.


Two new buildings plus upgrade of the whole centre

On 11th of November 2012, two new houses were inaugurated with a great celebration. We were 23 guests from Norway participating in the celebration together with almost 500 Kenyans, many of them from the coast. Each house is 150 square metres and gives room for 12 children and a housemother. The houses are the children’s home. The buildings are adapted to disabled persons. New furniture and equipment have been bought.

Edvard Helland and Arthur Strømme, who have both served as missionaries in Kenya, acted as advisors during the construction period.


Two new houses for children reaching 18 year age 

7 children will turn 18 during 2015. They have to leave the orphan home as such and move to new youth houses. We have built one house for girls and one for boys, each with 3 rooms, shower and WC.


Renovation of existing houses 

The renovation of two existing buildings was completed in 2013. Norwegian companies and individuals have given donations for this purpose.

The houses were originally built as missionary station, more than 30 years ago. One of the houses has served as home for the boys, but now it is the home of four employees. There is a common living room and kitchen, and each room have a separate shower and WC.

The other house, where the girls lived, has been converted into classrooms and an office.

We have also planned to build a guesthouse at the site.


Food production

The site is 40 000 square metres. The church wishes to produce food for own consumption and for sale, as this can reduce food expenditure and increase incomes. Water for this purpose is available from rainwater collected from the roofs at the site.

It is important for NSP Aid to help this project become financially self-supporting in the end, so the local church can take over the cost and run the orphan home on their own.


Green house

A 200 square metres greenhouse was built in January 2013, and the plan is to produce tomatoes for sale. An American couple has donated USD 4500 to this project, which covers the cost to buy and mount the greenhouse.



An American congregation has bought two cows, and they will support the keeping of cows and the use of milk for food.


Bank account for donations: IBAN: NO82 1503 2502 366     Swift BIC: DNBANOKKXXX

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