Malaika Villages

NSP Aid is working together with Heart to Heart in Nairobi and Faraja Children's Home south of Mombasa. Together we are building children's villages both in Rongai as well as near Faraja Children's Home, south of Mombasa.

Our biggest and most important partners in Kenya, Heart to Heart in Nairobi and Faraja Children's Home at Wema will front, build and run the villages NSP Aid are financing. 

Instead of building one single big children's village, we are decentralising the project and building smaller units that are closer to the children's roots.

The first village is scheduled to be built on the coast of Kenya, in co-operation with Faraja Children's Home. Faraja has been financed by NSP Aid for about eight years, and our relationship is good. 

The next village is scheduled to be built outside of Nairobi, in Rongai. This will be in co-operation with Heart to Heart, an organisation that NSP Aid has been working closely with for the last six years. Children with disadvantageous backgrounds will get a new and better chance of a bright future, where they in turn will be able to get an education, job and eventally help others like themselves. 

One house is estimated at a price of 500 000 NOK, including infrastructure.

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