Plant a tree

The organisation Plant a Tree cooperates through NSP Aid with Scripture Mission in Voi, Kenya, on their tree-planting program. Scripture Mission in Voi has much land, which they utilise to provide more income to support their vision. They grow Moringa oleifera (benzoil tree) and oranges, and they  run a nursery where they develop tree plants for sale. (Norwegian)


Plant a Tree works for the environment by running recycling shops in Norway and tree-planting and well drilling projects in developing countries. The company is registered in the Norwegian Central Coordinating Register for Legal Entities with the organisation number 991 742 921. The management consists of Jørgen Lollike, general manager, and the board, where Anbjørn Neerland is the vice-chairman. The other members of the board are Trygve Einar Gjerde and Marit Henny Skogly. The members of the board have deep experience from humanitarian work in Eastern Europe, the Third World, from business and organisation work.


We also receive assistance from voluntary consultants: A specialist in culture knowledge, an agricultural college graduate, a Master of Business Administration, a project manager in water engineering, a project manager in village development, a network manager for efficient communication in the Third World, a lawyer and a management consultant.


The general manager’s address is:

Plant a Tree, Dalaroa 8, NO-2836 Biri, Norway

Phone +47 922 25 123



Web: (Norwegian)