School and food program in the Kawangware slum

A donation of NOK 250 is sufficient to give hope for the future to one child in the slum, covering school, food and clothes. Join us in this effort!


In this slum area live approx. 500 000 people, and "Heart to Heart" have projects also here. The Lutheran church has a congregation and a church in this district, and children come to the church every day to eat. The school "Prince of Peace" started in January 2014, and at the end of the year, there were more than 200 pupils. NSP Aid supports 184 pupils in addition to 125 children getting food from the church (40) and the school (85).


A new school for 500 pupils is under construction with support from NSP Aid and will be inaugurated Oct 2nd 2015. A group of 15 donators from Norway will participate.


Bank account for donations to NSP Aid: IBAN: NO82 1503 2502 366     Swift BIC: DNBANOKKXXX

Please mark the payment with the project name "Kawangware" or "Kawangware school". Thank you!