Vocational School in Arba Minch

The Vocational School in Arba Minch was established by the Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) and the Mekane Yesus Church in Ethiopia many years ago, and was one of the best vocational schools in the country. NORAD (the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation) has been a strong partner.


For several reasons the school operation stopped, but about 10 years ago the church wanted to re-establish the school. In 2006, the school started again with 40 students spread between automation mechanics and computer technology. The school offers 3-year studies. The school has enhanced its curriculum with electro technics. Today the school has 424 students.


The income to run the school comes from renting out a furniture factory, sent from Sunnmøre in Western Norway to Arba Minch. Gunnar Hamnøy organised this project with good support from several persons in Sunnmøre, especially Norvald Bjørkevold.


The school also received a garage plus Toyota spare parts as a donation from Toyota Norway and several of the Toyota dealers in Norway. Today the garage is run in close co-operation with Toyota in Addis Ababa. The school sells spare parts and offers car service, which gives good incomes to the school.


In addition to this, the school runs its own driving school. This driving school is very popular. Some of the automation mechanics students that had received support from NSPA also wanted to take their driving test for bus and lorry, and some of them received additional support for this as well.


Ketil and Britt Signe Fuglestad have been and are still good advisors for the school. In 2012-2013, NSP Aid organises the Fuglestad’s stay at the school and pays the expenses.


It costs NOK 1000 (EUR 125) per year to pay one student’s school fees including the cost of a place in the hall of residence. NSP Aid arranges donations that pay the expenses for the poorest students. The school year 2011-2012, 30 students got their school fees and residence cost paid by NSP Aid.


Bank account for donations: IBAN: NO82 1503 2502 366     Swift BIC: DNBANOKKXXX

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