Kirken i Geresse i Sør Etiopia spør om hjelp.

I mailen står det slik, er det noen som vil hjelpe til håper jeg du kan kontakte oss om dette. "To NSP Aid there are four kids who are in deep need.
one was found from bush. Nobody knows his parents. He is 6 years old. A widow's boy found the child from bush. The widow has been taking care for the child. The widow is old and needs support herself and not able to support this boy.

The second one  is half orphan. He is 12 years old not yet started school. His father died when he was child. He doesn't know where his mother is. He lives with christian family but not able to start school.
The third one is also half orphan. He is 9 years old not yet started school. His father was died when he was child. His mother is taking care for four children and not able to send them to school due to economy problem. She is a widow and deeply poor.
The forth one is a girl. Her father died when she was child. She is 10th grade student. If she gets good result, she will continue preparatory or college.
The school and church leaders deeply shared me about those four children who are in real need of support.