Soltun Folk High School to Faraja Childrens Home 20.-27.01.2016.

Soltun Folk High School is a boarding school located in the North of Norway with students in the ages between 19-21 years old. We have four different classes this year, one of them being the Backpack Surprise which is the class that is travelling for two months around the world. We are working with the United Nations Sustainability Goals and as part of the school trip the students have to work at various projects in different parts of the world.
The students working on various volunteering projects at Faraja.

On previous trips we have had the pleasant experience of working at Nuru Childrens home close to Nairobi, as well as projects in the Amazonas and other places around the world. We are also going to New York to have a seminar at the Church Center of the United Nations.


We are pleased to get the opportunity to send our students to your childrens home close to Mombasa and look forward to working together with you.


Best Regards


Øyvind Hanssen

Teacher Backpack Surprise

Soltun Folk High School